Becoming older is a process of life, but the people who are becoming older would love stay fit and healthy. They also love to live independently in their own house.

But older people have a high fall risk, one in the five elderly is falling and have to go to the first aid according to Veil- igheidNL. The causes of the fall risk for elderly are different but to keep the elderly as long as possible in their own houses, we created the Bravo system.
The system has a monitor sensor (kinect), because of this sensor the mobility score of the elderly can be measured. This mobility score consists of: balance in their body, gait quality the steps of the elderly and how big they are. The activity, how much someone is doing in their home. And the strength how someone is going up from their chair.

With these kind of data elderly are tracked and measured if their having a high fall risk. The caregiver is helping the elderly with this information in a system, and the elderly also can track their own scores. In the end I started with this information to find a solution to create the perfect experience for the Bravo system.

How can the Bravo system ensure that elderly people are having less risk to fall in their houses and in the same time ensure that elderly people feel safe at home.

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mastertest Bravo


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